Services and Capabilities

iBS is providing cutting-edge and innovative solutions in a wide spectrum of service offerings:

  • Cyber Security: Providing cyber technical expertise for malware forensics, cyber reconnaissance, and offensive/defensive operations.
  • Information Technology: Integrating a broad range of services from systems administration to systems engineering and design.
  • Intelligence Analysis: Providing intelligence operations expertise and depth for collecting and analyzing raw intelligence for direct application for operational environments in peacetime and actionable information for decision makers in combat operations.
  • Language Services: Enabling high fidelity analysis utilizing target language proficiency for intelligence and counter-intelligence operations, providing foundational information for commercial business intelligence, and conducting translation and interpretation services for high-level government and civilian needs.
  • Strategic Planning: Applying iBS proprietary assessment methodology to identify gaps in an organization’s current execution of its mission, roles, and responsibilities. iBS anlayzes gaps, builds mitigation plans, applies solutions, and implements new operational processes while measuring impact.
  • Training: Designing and executing tailored training plans to operationalize human resource development needs for large and small organizations. Our training programs identify needed skill sets to maximize organizational efficiencies and effectiveness while measuring the impact of the new program’s implementation on achieving an organization’s’ goals and milestones.