Cyber Security

iBS Cyber Security Division provides multifaceted services in information security technology, ranging from information assurance (IA) to computer forensics activities. iBS has seasoned subject matter experts (SME) in computer security and IA professionals with proven 25+ years in the security industry. iBS has innovative problem solving and vision focus at all levels of government, management, and technology. iBS’ specific focus is in the fields of IA policy development, program management, information technology (IT), systems planning, architectural design, cyber security, telecommunications, and local area network (LAN)/wide area network (WAN) engineering and design. iBS has defined requirements and formulated IA policy for the development, program management, and implementation for several major information and cyber security programs.

iBS develops cyber security solutions, evaluates and approves certification and accreditation (C&A) documentation, and provides security guidance to chief information officers (CIO), program managers, technical advisors, vendors, industry, and academia. iBS provides these services to its Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense (DoD), and other federal agency customers. iBS IA staff have served as principal IA consultants and SMEs on daily operations and computer security of command, control, communications, and computer intelligence (C4I) networks and systems supporting the President and senior military leaders. In addition, iBS has managed the Air Force’s largest network operations center providing technical support for all Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard network control centers ensuring the correct implementation, operation, testing, and quality review of new applications and networking technologies.

By leveraging iBS’ seasoned leadership, vast background, experience, and technical competence, iBS has become extremely successful in planning, organizing, executing, and delivering high quality services and support that exceed iBS clients’ IT, cyber security, and IA requirements in a cost-effective manner. iBS skilled, qualified IA professionals support security processing/adjudications with the IC, DoD, and other government customers. iBS supports computer network operation activities producing concept of operations (CONOPS) and mission planning support. iBS also provides support in the areas of computer network exploitation (CNE), computer network attack (CNA), and computer network defense (CND). iBS provides network infrastructure technologists and engineers responsible for the research, analysis, and identification of potential network security issues with regards to vulnerability, perimeter, and intrusion detection/prevention technologies, as well as forensic investigation.

iBS' seasoned IA professionals methodically analyze then dissect FISMA or DIACAP/ DITSCAP requirements into actionable, prioritized, and traceable tasks. iBS also provides independent verification and validation (IV&V) of C&A packages to ensure employees provide accurate and trustworthy documentation consistent with OMB, FISMA, FIPS, NIST SP 800-series, DODI 5200.40, 8570, DIACAP, and departmental standards.