Language Services

iBS Language Service Division maintains a network of language-enabled analysts possessing foreign language collection, transcription, translation, interpretation, and analysis experience supporting the IC, DoD, and other government agencies. iBS provides language-enabled analysis collection, processing, analysis, and reporting in support of DIA worldwide mission operations.

iBS language staff possess extensive country and regional subject matter expertise in most Tier 1 and 2 target countries and regions. iBS language-enabled analysts offer a full-range of linguistic services to include OSINT, SIGINT, cyber, collection, analysis, and reporting in response to specific intelligence requirements levied by national, strategic, and operational consumers. They provide, as needed, full, partial, and rapid turn-around summary translations of foreign language material.

iBS delivers cultural and linguistic expertise in 20+ languages to include Arabic (all dialects), Chinese (all dialects), Dari, Farsi/Persian, Korean, Pashto, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, and other languages and dialects important to US foreign policy. iBS program managers are SMEs with decades of experience identifying, screening, and utilizing language-enabled staff to satisfy our intelligence customers’ requirements.

iBS language-enabled analysts are skilled at translating target languages into and from English while maintaining the integrity and appropriate nuance of meaning. Many iBS professionals honed their capabilities at the front-end of the Global War on Terror (GWOT) while serving as US military and/or contractors in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other regions abroad. iBS customers benefit from this first-hand insight needed to support and expand on our nation’s strategic, operational, and tactical missions that are vital to our nation’s security.